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Your friends and family won’t move the needle much. If you want meaningful traction, you need a launch team. A launch team is a curated group of super fans who are so excited about your business, they’ll do anything to make it fly.

Behind every successful entrepreneur there is an awesome team!

Are you ready to play bigger? Have your dreams outgrown capacity of a one-person band? You want to expand your impact but it seems impossible. You have come to the right place. The Abundance team is at your services.


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Awesome Skills

No one person can be good at everything.

Removing the stress, feeling supported and nurtured

Depending on where you are on your business journey you may require different skills to implement your ideas. You can stretch yourself thin and try to do a little in each area, or you can outsource your problems to our skillful team and we will provide the solution.

As well as being a curated group of super fans with the skills to make your launch an epic success. Your team is here to help you feel supported and cared for while you spend your time in your zone of genius doing the things you love. Let go of the areas that don’t play to your strengths and let us be with you every step of the way during your launch.

How Will You Get Noticed?

How Does it Work?

Before your launch even starts, we will take you through powerful processes to help you map out a vision for your launch. As Stephen Covey said “start with the end in mind”. How do you want to feel after your launch, what outcomes do you want to have? During your launch, learn how to manage your emotions and how to keep your mindset in check with special mindset techniques.

1. Strategy

2. Design

3. Launch

4. Feedback

We are more than just a launch team!

We are a one stop shop who will help you with your technical and marketing strategy, community management and helping you keep a positive mindset during your launch.

You may not feel that you need all the elements of the A-Team – thats ok! Because our service is truly bespoke, you can pick and choose the parts of the A Team that you need. We are here to offer you a tailor made solution that suits you and your launch.

Live Streaming

We help business owners harness the power of Live streaming and Social Media to make them stand ahead of the competition.

Times are tough for many bricks and mortar businesses, and the question we ask our clients is “how can you differentiate yourself?”, “how can you use storytelling to grow your brand?” “how can you stand head and shoulders above the competition?


Video is the way forward and market trends have been demanding more video content over the years.

YouTube is the perfect driver for extra traffic to your website / blog!

Facebook Ads

We help You to reach Your ideal client.

It doesn’t matter how cool your ideas are, if nobody knows about them. Our bespoke Facebook Ad Strategy and Implementation services will make sure that your message reaches your ideal audience. Ready to serve the world, contact us.

Social Media

We help clients to focus on their offer and their audience.


A new service can bring a sudden spike in sales. To avoid failure, you must ensure that your team is prepared for the increase in volume and complexity of work.

Mindset Coaching

We help You clear the blocks and limiting beliefs that are standing between where they are now and where they want to be.

 Lets tap into YOUR Big Vision!

Webdesign & SEO

We help you take control of Your Digital Identity


You Need a Launch Team

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The A Team Global Business Coaches

Lisa Nichols

Social Media Butterfly

Inga Deksne

Facebook Ad Angel

Melanie Bundock

Mindset Coach & Manifesting Queen 

John Kapos, aka “Chocolate Johnny”

International speaker & Live stream Legend

Helene Thituson

Webdesigner & SEO Goddess

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